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Louise Distras is a British singer-songwriter who has been touring the world for well over a decade. She has been described as a protest singer, to which she has responded: "My songs are just a reflection of the things I see, hear and feel, but for some reason the music industry gatekeepers have tried to call me a protest singer. It's a label that I don’t understand because I’m just passing on my human experience. You have to wonder why someone saying what they think is considered a protest nowadays”. Distras released her first single 'The Hand You Hold' on International Women’s Day in 2012 from debut record Dreams from the Factory Floor,

Distras is gearing up to release her follow up EP Street Revolution, which is also the title track. Louise describes the track as “A rallying anthem for the new underground movement of working class kids, rising together through music to fight for their future”. Watch the video below.

The most exciting voice in UK punk right now
— Kerrang!
Louise Distras - Jan 2019 Tour COLOUR (1)

To keep up with Louise you can follow her Instagram here and go to her website for tour dates and new music here.

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