Talli Osborne

TALLI OBSBORNE: Punk Rock Optimist

Talli Osborne is a 3 1/5 ft tall motivational speaker who was born missing her arms and bones in her legs, but was raised with the belief that she could do anything she set her mind to, and this determined attitude is exactly how she lives her life.


As a teenager she became a mentor for people with physical challenges. This lead to Talli being the sole Canadian featured in Teens with the Courage to Give, a book comprised of 30 stories of teenagers overcoming the odds and being an inspiration to their community. From there, Talli spoke at schools, conferences and radio shows, and appeared in videos produced by the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services. More recently, Talli spoke at an Out of the Cold event on the fallout of judging people on first impressions.


Talli had always been a fixture in the punk scene but it was in 2001 that she had met Fat Mike of NOFX backstage at a show. This brief encounter not only inspired a life ling friendship but also the song Nubs on the 2003 album War on Errorism, written about Talli.

Talli feels that being a inspirational speaker was something she was born to do. She loves changing perceptions and attitudes, and sharing her stories with others. As Talli says, she wants to spread inspiration, love and punk rock, across the globe, one talk at a time.


If you’d like to hire Talli to speak at your event you can contact her here

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